The Best Choice

The Best Choice

Your HydroPool hot tub may well be the best possible way to bring families or couples closer together.

For better health, or better times, choose a Hydro-Pool hot tub from R & D Hot Tubs.

Health Benefits of your Hot Tub

Many of our clients have discovered renewed health and well-being while enjoying using their HydroPool Tub

- Soothing relief from pain and injuries

- Reduced stress

- Detoxification

- Fewer headaches

- Lowered blood sugar (reduces the odds/complications of diabetes).

- Improved circulation

- Reduction of arthritis symptoms

- Better defense from viruses linked to influenza and colds

- Better sleeps - less insomnia.
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HydroPool Tubs are Inexpensive to Own

HydroPool Tubs are Inexpensive to Own

As one of the world’s best built tubs, HydroPool tubs are highly energy efficient.
At 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius your tub will cost you just pennies a day to operate.